What’s makes us so special

What’s makes us so special

Orca "Killer Whale" in US amusement park
Image via Wikipedia

Ian had the tv on this morning and while I sat at my computer I listened only to find myself drifting towards the screen as in a trance. The story that drew my attention was about a so called reporter (Steve Jacobs) visiting sea world.  Steve was standing in front of a large glass edged tank talking about the three Orcas behind him.  I listened painfully to him go on about how intelligent they were and how many wonderful things they had been trained to do. Meanwhile the Orca’s seemed to smile and look all excited behind him. All I could think about is how tragic there lives were. Intelligent creatures kept in prison and brought out to entertain the masses. The story was meant to draw us all in to visiting one of many of these theme parks. Instead it made me sad. I will never visit one of these places I will avoid them like the plague.

Another story that caught my ear as I read friends facebook status’s was about the yucky things that are used in makeup products, like placenta, and fat from cows, the list goes on. Funny enough all the ingredients that they mentioned were natural like the beetles used in red lipstick to obtain that bright hot red colour. I admit those are yucky things and I think its’ pretty awful that we can kill things just to put in products for our own vanity but what really got me about this story is there wasn’t a mention of the REAL nasty man made chemicals that they put in these products.

Sad thing is people are lemmings


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