Big Mistake I went to the Zoo

Big Mistake I went to the Zoo

I couldn’t find one animal that didn’t look like it was dead inside. I just wanted to open all the gates and let them out.furry

The Australian National Zoo and Aquarium is a very small Zoo, they have Bears, Giraffes, Zebras, a few different types of small primates, Lions, and Tigers including a Puma plus a Cheetah and Mountain lion and little Penguins + the normal Australian things you would expect to see. Oh and I almost forgot the Red Pandas. I felt ashamed very ashamed. The en-closers are small and not pristine, None of the animals looked like they could begin to enjoy life. It was like visiting a prison. So very sad and depressing.

The Giraffes looked cold and one had a limp, the zebras didn’t move the whole time I stood and watched them. It was all about the eyes for me. Just blank stares.

Why do we as humans think we own everything on this planet? When will we realise that we are the worst predators there are. Just like the whales yesterday. It just makes me sick to my stomach that these poor animals live their lives for our pleasure.sad

no life for a tiger


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