REM not the only ones that lost their Religion.

REM not the only ones that lost their Religion.

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Yes I often feel spiritual, but I can’t always explain it. What ever it is that I will come to believe in or not believe I am very much at peace with my life and my self. I was raised in a very loyal Lutheran home. Grew up singing in the choir every Sunday and often singing duets and trios with my parents sometimes even singing hymns in Norwegian.   As I grew older my rebellion and my stubbornness came through, however when I look back maybe there were certain reasons for that rebellion.  You see at around the age of 12 as a lutheran you must go to conformation classes. For two long  years once a week (missing a class was out of the question unless you were on your death bed or perhaps were a star on the local sports team and just couldn’t miss the practice or whatever).

Well for almost two  solid years I sat there every Wednesday night memorising Martin Luther‘s Catechism and it’s meanings. Memorising the Lords prayer‘s meanings as also written by Martin Luther.  Then the big fallout between my father and our Minister Paster Krebs took place. You see my dad had to make a trip to Norway and decided it would be good to plan it for Christmas time and take me along. My parents felt very strong about me going at the time and well I was over the top excited. Problem is I was going to miss 1 class, the other 2 weeks we were gone was a Christmas break.  Paster Krebs told my father point blank that if I missed that one class I would not be able to be confirmed with the others. Dad though this was harsh and ridiculous because like I mentioned before a certain guy had missed a class or two because of basketball.  We were only a couple of months away from confirmation at the time. Needless to say dad and I boarded that airplane and I never looked back at that class (I later went on to take the classes all over again and it was cool that time because my best friend Claudia took them with me. We had a new Pastor at that time and he was very old and didn’t catch that I was 1/2 asleep most of the time. (After all I already knew the stuff).

I grew away from going to church every Sunday and started exploring life and taking risks, such a risk taker I was. Oh has time went on I still felt the need to have my sons baptised soon after they were born. But the only time I ever attended church was when I visited mom and dad. It would be about 10 years before I would start going on my own will.

I saw a banner somewhere in Bend for the Power team, (crazy insane strong men for God) I thought the boys would enjoy watching them do all there muscle tricks so I planned to go, what I didn’t plan was that I would be completely in a trance by the end of the night. It was a Carnaval type atmosphere and I had never experienced anything like it. I got goose bumps and could feel wind touching my skin like it was embracing me, my mind was almost dizzy. The only thing  I can compare it to is doing psychedelic  drugs.  I had instantly changed and I didn’t know how to explain it except that the holy ghost had entered my heart and well I was told I was a child of god. The next few years of my life I have to say I was weird, I had changed I was now a Pentecostal. Whoa what a ride that was. I really don’t even feel I can talk about it to this day. I will say this though, my life and the life of those close to me went to hell in a hand basket.

It took several events to wake me up, but that’s a whole other story. I hope to tell soon.


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