Self evolution and other ramblings

Self evolution and other ramblings

I can’t remember the exact moment in time that I started thinking for myself but it took me far to long.

Wondering what colour lip gloss to wear for the day seemed more important to me than world events. Hey I was busy, I had children, and life was fun and interesting, who had time to worry about such things as elections, wars, world population, animal welfare, human rights, or even those pesky Corporations that were gaining power.

I am an American, I was living the dream! Far to many pairs of shoes in my closet. Life is stressful when you have so many pairs of shoes that you can’t decide which ones to wear with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt.

Get up early off to work and then wait for the weekend. I didn’t even have a  clue all the harm I was causing to the world. I was concerned with my own little environment and how much stuff I had. Shallow would  be a good label for myself.

My political views ??? Well that depended on who I was hanging around at the time. If I thought something sounded good, well it quickly became my view too! Easy I didn’t have to do  the research myself.

Anwar Sadat 1978
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Hey I watched the news, I was fascinated and frightened by  D.B Coopers disappearing act, diligently watch events surrounding the US Embassy in Iran was taken over by militants and 54 U.S. citizens were held hostage.

I cried when  John Lennon was shot, I was devastated when Anwar Sadat was assassinated, I remember being with my mom and dad watching the Challenger take off and seeing it explode right before our eyes it was one of the most heart breaking events to watch unfold right before our eyes  live.

And with great  excitement I watched the Berlin Wall come down.

During the 90’s who can forget the Scud Stud? Mother used to love watching him report from desert storm. Rodney King,  The   unabomber , OJ Simpson, a Cloned Sheep, David Koresh, Lorena Bobbatt, Tonya Harding, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, Ebola Virus,

After her mother's death in 2003, Stella Vine ...
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Princess Diana‘s Funeral, Clinton admits to Lewinsky affair, Columbine and even my High School Thurston had a gunman open fire on it’s students.

Pheww! I guess I was paying more attention than I thought. Reminds me of a Billy Joel song.  Even though these people and events effected me emotionally It still took me a while to start evaluating the situation.

Or maybe I did, when my first son  was born I was very careful to feed him the right things, introduce him to classical and jazz music besides all the popular music, and surround his world with good books and toys that would expand his mind, this was my job as a parent and I felt strongly about that.  I love my sons and my wish for them was that they experienced all that life had to offer with an open mind and could grow up being decent people.

I started blogging before I moved to Australia and I think that is when I started to notice and worry about how the world changing ever so rapid. I became more aware  about the footprint I was leaving behind for my children. Living outside the states you see things from a whole different perspective. I’ve met people from all over the world living here in Canberra, for instance speaking with a lovely gentleman from Syria that left a lasting impression on me Meeting and becoming good friends with a Diplomat’s son from Pakistan.  We are more alike then we are different, and war and killing just doesn’t make sense to me. We are seeing  corporations control our food and pollute our waters, we are carelessly consuming our earth’s resources so we can have stuff, over populating a world where water is becoming more and more scarce. harming animals for our own desires it’s just wrong! I sit and watch Politicians  make fools of the populace, I see the media manipulating the masses. I see so many suffering. I feel the temperature rising and the storm brewing. I see people worried about what lip gloss they should wear. I see 6 billion people  capable of changing the future but they have no vision for themselves to change it.

Everything is changing at a rapid rate now, we spend billions trying to cure cancer yet when science informs us of the different things around us that cause the disease we baulk at it, sure we know if we are exposed to radiation or smoke we are more then likely to suffer the consequences, but we refuse to go out of our way to avoid food additives, or exposure to  cleaning products because they somehow make our lives easy. We throw our hands up in the air and simply say “Everything causes cancer”  we never try to change our habits. Yes we are living longer but is it really quality life? Are we happy? Really happy?

The bottom line, yes that is what is important to us I’ve heard people say, which means to me that they make sure at the end of the day they have enough money to cover what they believe we need, no matter about the rest of the world. They  must have oil to build the product that they sell to make sure they get all the stuff they need in their  life. Not a care if all the turtles in the world suffer a horrible death because of it, not a thought  that our water ways are polluted so  growing food becomes contaminated. It feels like people  just don’t care if their child will never see some of the beautiful animals alive today or even try to imagine what the world will be like for their grandchildren.

Only a minority of us notice that  Shell Oil company murders people,  doesn’t affect us we can still get in our cars and drive around with a clear conscience . No worries that corporate farms are driving the small honest farmers out of business and using  us as human experiments for their hormones, artificial ingredients, and genetic engineering. They just  don’t care that their  habits are accelerating climate change, All needs are  met by a drive to the store so they can by more stuff so everyone can feel happy.

I just can’t think like that, deep down I just want to change the world. I vote green and highlight what’s important to me to most people I meet. I’m a hippy, I’m a tree hugger, I’m what ever you want to call me. But it took me awhile to get to this place, a lifetime of watching changes. I want a world that my children can feel secure to bring at least one child into it without feeling it’s completely selfish. Children are a sign of hope for the future. And I do believe there is hope.


2 thoughts on “Self evolution and other ramblings

  1. I heard a radio program today about a book written by a French journalist, Marie something, on Monsanto. You’d like it. I want to read it myself. Wish I could remember her name or what the book was called 😦

    But I’m sure it can be googled somehow!

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