A guide to Australian politics and parties for non-Australians and also Australians too.

A guide to Australian politics and parties for non-Australians and also Australians too.



Last night before going to bed I stumbled upon this site.

10 reasons you are rich

Added to the fact that it’s Thanksgiving month and many of my face book friends are filling their status with things they are thankful for I couldn’t really get to sleep. My mind was full with all the things I am thankful for, or at least thought I was thankful for. Then I began to question myself on how many selfish things I was thinking about. I had to think deeper and find real meaning.

I am thankful to wake up to the sounds of the birds  outside my window this eliminates the need for an alarm clock.

I am thankful I can get up in the morning and take a warm shower with clean water right at my fingertips

I am thankful I have a cupboard with wonderful scented things I can put on my body and especially my feet because I’m diabetic

I am thankful I have Medicine that I can purchase by just jumping in my car and driving for 10 minutes to a pharmacy.

I am thankful I have Insurance and live where there is socialized medicine to help me pay for all the things I need. And people who teach and support me so I don’t feel I am alone with my problems

I am thankful I have the choice of what I would like to have for breakfast in the morning, and I all I have to do is pull it out of a cupboard.

I am thankful to be able to share my house with two wonderful Dogs that force me to get outside everyday besides keeping my feet warm when it’s cold. Plus that I can keep them healthy with decent food and veterinary care.

I am thankful to just be able to walk over to my fruit bowl and decide if I want a Mango, or an Apple, , or handful of Grapes.

I am thankful that I can sit down, turn on a computer and read about the days events, or see what a friend is doing 1/2 across the world. Thankful to be able to see and talk with my sons and other family and friends on skype often as possible.  Thankful I can look up any information I want to know about in seconds.

I am thankful I can hear any music my heart desires when I want to listen to it. Or watch a movie any time of day I would like.

I am thankful to always have fresh lettuce and cucumbers, onions, and carrots and things to just through together and eat when I want them.

I am thankful I can drive myself to the farmers market and get all I need for the next week and keep it fresh in my refrigerator.

I am thankful I can get any seed I desire for my garden. I can plant any type of flower and have the fresh water right from a hose to water them with. I am thankful to have rich soil. All the butterflies and bees.

I am thankful I have a wonderful camera I can record my life with.

I am thankful I have sunglasses to protect my eyes and decent shoes that don’t hurt my feet. And easy access to clothing for every season.

I am thankful I have a wonderful family. My husband that loves me, 3 intelligent  and funny sons, and a talented, beautiful daughter-in-law.

I am thankful to be able to crawl into a most comfortable bed with lightweight  warm fluffy covers and snuggle into my pillow and fall asleep with the scent of lavender under my head.

I am thankful that I feel safe from guns and bombs and angry people.

I am thankful I had good parents that taught me wonderful things, made me feel safe, and loved me.

I am thankful for my brother Nolan, my sister Melody, and my brother Luther, whom love me unconditionally.

I am thankful for knowing many thoughtful, caring, patient  people. I am thankful for smiles

And most of all I am thankful to be me, there is no one else I would rather be.

I might just add to this list as I think of things. What are you  thankful for?

Where’s my big reward?

Where’s my big reward?

How hard is it to smile when you meet eyes with another person? Often people just quickly glance away in hopes you didn’t notice. I like to challenge that with a smile when ever possible. It’s really not that hard to be friendly but in this day and age I find so many people avoiding or being down right rude to perfect strangers.

We  seem to be getting more and more anti-social with the exception of our own little groups. Caught up in our own problems and not seeking outside help or offering help when we see it could be used.  Sometimes just a touch of a hand brings a smile to a lonely face.

I remember my father used to spark up a conversation no matter where he was or who was there. I admit that I often would be embarrassed by his out going nature. People liked my father and were always receptive to his forwardness. I think it was something genetic but as I have matured I find myself doing the same. Not that long ago I remember Ian asking me, MOM do you have to talk to everyone you come across (and he had that tone in his voice). I simply answered that I might be the only soul that person gets to talk to today. He didn’t say another word.

Has I walk through life I realise that even the most annoyed looking people will respond to a smile. it might not be immediate and it might not even happen in your presence but some where during the day their heart is going to soften a bit because of the interaction you had with them.

I over heard a couple of young girls talking in a store the other day about customers. One of the girls mentioned that she just hated  people who came in to ruin her day. Now how often do you walk into a store just to upset the employees?  I wanted to talk to her and ask her why she felt that people had a personal reason aimed at her and wanted to ruin her day?  I think most people are impatient because they are stressed and worried about their lives, their money, maybe something has happened to them, lost their job, had a disagreement with someone important to them, been in a minor accident, or maybe they have been dealing with a sick child/parent. Odds are they just don’t know how to deal with their troubles and they reach a breaking point  you are there . Maybe all they need is a smile and acknowledgement.

Have you ever noticed the change in a child’s face when you say hi and smile at them? Or even say something positive like wow those look like super fast shoes, they beam up and show you how  they can run in them. Or that little old lady, ever noticed how she perks up and wants to tell you where she came across that piece of jewellery that you noticed and complimented her on? It’s so easy to be kind. It’s really easy to make someone’s day a little more pleasant. And the reward you get for this is your own personal  Happiness.

That is a BIG reward.

Self evolution and other ramblings

Self evolution and other ramblings

I can’t remember the exact moment in time that I started thinking for myself but it took me far to long.

Wondering what colour lip gloss to wear for the day seemed more important to me than world events. Hey I was busy, I had children, and life was fun and interesting, who had time to worry about such things as elections, wars, world population, animal welfare, human rights, or even those pesky Corporations that were gaining power.

I am an American, I was living the dream! Far to many pairs of shoes in my closet. Life is stressful when you have so many pairs of shoes that you can’t decide which ones to wear with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt.

Get up early off to work and then wait for the weekend. I didn’t even have a  clue all the harm I was causing to the world. I was concerned with my own little environment and how much stuff I had. Shallow would  be a good label for myself.

My political views ??? Well that depended on who I was hanging around at the time. If I thought something sounded good, well it quickly became my view too! Easy I didn’t have to do  the research myself.

Anwar Sadat 1978
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Hey I watched the news, I was fascinated and frightened by  D.B Coopers disappearing act, diligently watch events surrounding the US Embassy in Iran was taken over by militants and 54 U.S. citizens were held hostage.

I cried when  John Lennon was shot, I was devastated when Anwar Sadat was assassinated, I remember being with my mom and dad watching the Challenger take off and seeing it explode right before our eyes it was one of the most heart breaking events to watch unfold right before our eyes  live.

And with great  excitement I watched the Berlin Wall come down.

During the 90’s who can forget the Scud Stud? Mother used to love watching him report from desert storm. Rodney King,  The   unabomber , OJ Simpson, a Cloned Sheep, David Koresh, Lorena Bobbatt, Tonya Harding, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, Ebola Virus,

After her mother's death in 2003, Stella Vine ...
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Princess Diana‘s Funeral, Clinton admits to Lewinsky affair, Columbine and even my High School Thurston had a gunman open fire on it’s students.

Pheww! I guess I was paying more attention than I thought. Reminds me of a Billy Joel song.  Even though these people and events effected me emotionally It still took me a while to start evaluating the situation.

Or maybe I did, when my first son  was born I was very careful to feed him the right things, introduce him to classical and jazz music besides all the popular music, and surround his world with good books and toys that would expand his mind, this was my job as a parent and I felt strongly about that.  I love my sons and my wish for them was that they experienced all that life had to offer with an open mind and could grow up being decent people.

I started blogging before I moved to Australia and I think that is when I started to notice and worry about how the world changing ever so rapid. I became more aware  about the footprint I was leaving behind for my children. Living outside the states you see things from a whole different perspective. I’ve met people from all over the world living here in Canberra, for instance speaking with a lovely gentleman from Syria that left a lasting impression on me Meeting and becoming good friends with a Diplomat’s son from Pakistan.  We are more alike then we are different, and war and killing just doesn’t make sense to me. We are seeing  corporations control our food and pollute our waters, we are carelessly consuming our earth’s resources so we can have stuff, over populating a world where water is becoming more and more scarce. harming animals for our own desires it’s just wrong! I sit and watch Politicians  make fools of the populace, I see the media manipulating the masses. I see so many suffering. I feel the temperature rising and the storm brewing. I see people worried about what lip gloss they should wear. I see 6 billion people  capable of changing the future but they have no vision for themselves to change it.

Everything is changing at a rapid rate now, we spend billions trying to cure cancer yet when science informs us of the different things around us that cause the disease we baulk at it, sure we know if we are exposed to radiation or smoke we are more then likely to suffer the consequences, but we refuse to go out of our way to avoid food additives, or exposure to  cleaning products because they somehow make our lives easy. We throw our hands up in the air and simply say “Everything causes cancer”  we never try to change our habits. Yes we are living longer but is it really quality life? Are we happy? Really happy?

The bottom line, yes that is what is important to us I’ve heard people say, which means to me that they make sure at the end of the day they have enough money to cover what they believe we need, no matter about the rest of the world. They  must have oil to build the product that they sell to make sure they get all the stuff they need in their  life. Not a care if all the turtles in the world suffer a horrible death because of it, not a thought  that our water ways are polluted so  growing food becomes contaminated. It feels like people  just don’t care if their child will never see some of the beautiful animals alive today or even try to imagine what the world will be like for their grandchildren.

Only a minority of us notice that  Shell Oil company murders people,  doesn’t affect us we can still get in our cars and drive around with a clear conscience . No worries that corporate farms are driving the small honest farmers out of business and using  us as human experiments for their hormones, artificial ingredients, and genetic engineering. They just  don’t care that their  habits are accelerating climate change, All needs are  met by a drive to the store so they can by more stuff so everyone can feel happy.

I just can’t think like that, deep down I just want to change the world. I vote green and highlight what’s important to me to most people I meet. I’m a hippy, I’m a tree hugger, I’m what ever you want to call me. But it took me awhile to get to this place, a lifetime of watching changes. I want a world that my children can feel secure to bring at least one child into it without feeling it’s completely selfish. Children are a sign of hope for the future. And I do believe there is hope.

Something just wasn’t right.

Something just wasn’t right.

So I was re-born! I had always loved the deep south gospel music, the choirs had a way of giving one a kind of energy. Clapping and moving how could you stand still.  Suddenly church was fun, full of life, and what I always thought it should be. After all we are taught that God is loving and forgiving. I could finally forgive myself for all my wrong doing. I felt so good I felt magical.

Pentecostal to me was about living with the Holy Spirit‘s presence, feeling the connection in everything that happened.  I was going to church twice a week and would have went almost every night if it wasn’t such a long drive for me.  There was a happy energy every time you walked through the doors.

I was troubled though, all the speaking in tongues and people shaking, it  started to feel like a circus not only that but I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t able to speak in tongues or why my body didn’t tremble. Wasn’t I living right?  Then the sermons, I always thought God was forgiving and loving but what I was hearing was more about being a warrior, fighting against the evils of the world. I was learning that we were the right and anyone on the other side was against us. We had God on our side and we were invincible. It was starting to sound very hateful. I was reading books written by Benny Hinn, and Frank Peretti. Why didn’t everyone know that they were so wrong? Even found fault in other Christians. Because God was on my side.

Well changes were coming,  moving out of the area and I could say goodbye to my church without to much of a heavy heart. I wasn’t sure that I would find a church in the new area where I felt comfortable. Turns out there was a small church down the road from where we were living. It was much more down to earth and the message seemed to be realistic. Here I was ok, I worked with the youth group and even recruited a few. Things didn’t go well when the Elders decided they didn’t like all the “Heathen” young people that were coming. This is when I really started to turn away. Why wouldn’t God want these kids to learn about faith?

I still read books and tried to keep my faith, I read the bible from cover to cover, and I prayed that the  really bad things in my life would change. Nothing ever came of the prayers and things just got worse. There are many personal events that I could write but at this time I just don’t feel comfortable doing that. People close to me are just not ready to re-live those times.

I was feeling betrayed by my faith, I was seeing things around the world that I just couldn’t believe the God I grew up with would let happen, all the pain and suffering, all the hate and indifference. People starving, being cruel to animals and using them for their own purpose (I always thought we were to be the care takers of God’s creatures, somewhere that went horribly wrong). We destroy the beautiful earth we call home so we can have things. Over populating ourselves to the point that we can’t sustain ourselves.  Dirty politicians using God’s name to get ahead and also to justify wrongful way they use power. Money is worshipped more then anything. They say wars are fought over Religion,  oil and resources are the religion I’m seeing these days.

People don’t know wrong from right, people follow like lemmings.   Some may say this is prophesy. Sure there are predictions. I know the reason I hung on for so long was fear, fear of saying I don’t believe any more. But so many like minded thinkers know exactly what I’m talking about.

Science was all ways my favourite subject in school, when I took Anatomy and Physiology it was hard to imagine anything but a creator makeing the human body so perfect. Could this just happen? Flipping the coin though I knew I could never believe that the earth was just a few thousand years old. Another question never answered was about the two testaments, if Jesus claimed his teaching were the ones to follow how come it’s so easy to jump back into the old and pick the verse that suits the moment?

Opening my mind up  I have looked and studied what others around the world  believe and I have found that most religion runs parallel to each other, more similar then different. And it’s everyone’s right to feel and believe what they need to. I would never hold that against anyone.

Cults and new religious movements in literatur...
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I would not say that I don’t believe that Jesus didn’t exist, I’m pretty sure he did but my thoughts are more along the line that he was a man much like Buddha , enlightened and a  teacher.

So have I become an immoral person since I evolved to this point? The answer is I feel much more moral, and very peaceful.