Where’s my big reward?

Where’s my big reward?

How hard is it to smile when you meet eyes with another person? Often people just quickly glance away in hopes you didn’t notice. I like to challenge that with a smile when ever possible. It’s really not that hard to be friendly but in this day and age I find so many people avoiding or being down right rude to perfect strangers.

We  seem to be getting more and more anti-social with the exception of our own little groups. Caught up in our own problems and not seeking outside help or offering help when we see it could be used.  Sometimes just a touch of a hand brings a smile to a lonely face.

I remember my father used to spark up a conversation no matter where he was or who was there. I admit that I often would be embarrassed by his out going nature. People liked my father and were always receptive to his forwardness. I think it was something genetic but as I have matured I find myself doing the same. Not that long ago I remember Ian asking me, MOM do you have to talk to everyone you come across (and he had that tone in his voice). I simply answered that I might be the only soul that person gets to talk to today. He didn’t say another word.

Has I walk through life I realise that even the most annoyed looking people will respond to a smile. it might not be immediate and it might not even happen in your presence but some where during the day their heart is going to soften a bit because of the interaction you had with them.

I over heard a couple of young girls talking in a store the other day about customers. One of the girls mentioned that she just hated  people who came in to ruin her day. Now how often do you walk into a store just to upset the employees?  I wanted to talk to her and ask her why she felt that people had a personal reason aimed at her and wanted to ruin her day?  I think most people are impatient because they are stressed and worried about their lives, their money, maybe something has happened to them, lost their job, had a disagreement with someone important to them, been in a minor accident, or maybe they have been dealing with a sick child/parent. Odds are they just don’t know how to deal with their troubles and they reach a breaking point  you are there . Maybe all they need is a smile and acknowledgement.

Have you ever noticed the change in a child’s face when you say hi and smile at them? Or even say something positive like wow those look like super fast shoes, they beam up and show you how  they can run in them. Or that little old lady, ever noticed how she perks up and wants to tell you where she came across that piece of jewellery that you noticed and complimented her on? It’s so easy to be kind. It’s really easy to make someone’s day a little more pleasant. And the reward you get for this is your own personal  Happiness.

That is a BIG reward.